A Frosty Day

As my eyelids flutter open, I roll over in my bed to check the time. It reads 9:31 A.M. I internally groan as I let my head drop back onto my pillow. It is the first day of the new semester with new classes, and I was going to miss it. Did my father not wake me up because I had been unwell earlier this week? Did he not want me to go to school even though I was feeling better? I suddenly remember that the forecast had called for snow late last night. I slide out of bed and peak outside. My face suddenly brightens as I see the small flurries falling from the sky. I unlock my phone, double checking that school is canceled. Sure enough, schools are not open. Rather than crawl back into my warm bed, I decide to eat breakfast and begin my day.

Snow is a gift to the people who live in the south, especially since it usually means no school. I am not particularly fond of cold weather, but I make an exception for snow. It usually snows once a year, maybe twice if we are lucky. It is always exciting to see the beauty of nature after a fresh snowfall, and it is something that I will always look forward to.


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